The Sigma Phi Epsilon Illinois Alpha RLC at the University of Illinois

Life After College

Life After College, SigEp’s newest leadership event, is focused on preparing upperclassman to be successful personally and professionally as they transition from college to the ‘real world’. Today’s college students face an especially competitive job market and high expectations from employers who are looking for the perfect fit for their companies. Life After College is designed to equip SigEp upperclassmen with the guidance, tools and techniques they will need to stand out among job applicants and keep up with the life skills they will need when they are on their own.

At this one-day event, participants learn:

  • How to find a career they are passionate about
  • Best practices for resume writing
  • How to be successful in the job search process
  • Proper business etiquette
  • Strategies for how to best manage their finances after college
  • And much more!

Throughout the day, participants can network and ask questions of the successful alumni, local business leaders, and human resource professionals who are facilitating these sessions. Besides just preparing the participants professionally for life after college, facilitators also spent time empowering the participants to think about and plan how they will maintain a sound mind and sound body after college and live a life guided by the principles of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love.